I steal color and shapes from Nature: buff and rust sandstone; dark and orderly columnar basalt; rhythmic faulting of Idaho’s Basin and Range; the frozen flow of flood basalt, stacked gneiss; translucent agate and chalcedony; faulting; fracturing; compaction; up-thrust; over-thrust; outcrop; scarp; and the spread of till and sediment across the landscape:  my work is stolen from Nature.

Details of other cultures, past and present, are intriguing: clothing; jewelry; religion; graven images. I steal others’ cultural details and tweak them.

The work makes itself: I have little to do with control of it. Results are best when the work makes itself.

Inks, oils, acrylics, fiber, found objects and construction products are the mixed media that comprise my palate. “Construction” is how I see it: Work is fun from start to finish because both control and chance determine the outcome. One never knows for certain what the process will reveal.

My work is not profound: I’ve no political agenda and seldom make social, moral or ethical statements. I make art for the fun and color of it—each work is a puzzle solved by balancing shape and color. Geology, topography, and the Idaho landscape provide the solutions.

I steal art-forms from Nature and others’ cultures then tweak them into art.
I am a thief.

Pam Demo

208-342-3447 / Boise ID